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Art In Bloom 2014

It's almost here, Art In Bloom 2014!! To be held at Bath Nursery in Fort Collins February 21st to the 23rd. You won't want to miss out on this free event showcasing some of Colorado's best artist's all under one roof. Painting's and Photographs will be exploding with color as the aroma of fresh flowers enters your nose. Each artist will be pared with a floral artist who give their interpretation through flowers. This is an excellent event that is sure to excite all of your senses. 

Introducing my artist... Eric Siebenthal, Visit his web site www.acrylicmind.com to see more of his inspiring acrylics. 


My childhood consisted of moving around from place to place which has had a beneficial effect on me as an adult. I was born in Orange County, California in 1977. I moved around with my family from California, to New Mexico, to Hawaii, and now to Colorado. Forcibly having to view the world through different eyes at each individual location showed me that my point of view isn’t the only point of view. When you have a full 360 degree angle on the world, you have to sometimes remove yourself from it to really enjoy the all encompassing!

I consider myself to be a passionate loner. I enjoy the sincerity of being alone with my thoughts and turning them into something for everyone to see. The point is, is that it doesn’t have to be beautiful, you don’t even have to like it! It’s an expression of myself, abstract expressionism if we’re to get technical. What I am truly after is to capture a moment, however brief or prolonged it may be, it’s a moment. You may either choose to revel in it, or to despise it all the same.

Most of my works include the most infamous of polar opposites, light and dark. I choose to reflect the two onto each other with a sort of fluid motion as most often times in life the two can easily become one. I don’t believe in any true definition. I like to believe in the gray areas of life, and in art, rather than only the black and the white.

To be honest, the first time I painted, and truly felt and experienced what I was painting, I was in dire desperation for something more. I fell in love with the idea of creation through expression. I was mesmerized by the acrylic staining my hands, and that was my Something More. I fell deeper after realizing its immeasurable therapeutic value, and have never been far from a canvas since.

I first began using brushes to paint, and soon realized that I didn’t have to use a paint brush as how society chose to portray any artist. I switched to using my hands, and as human as I am I grew tiresome of even that. I began experimenting with my work and stumbled upon a development of my current technique. This development of mine utilizes a technique of using my breath to breathe emotion and vision into a canvas.

Since that time, I have been chasing the perfection and imperfection of this technique, and that is what makes art so perfect. No true definitions, no fine lines, or absolute rights and wrongs.

With this understanding I am grateful to finally consider myself an Artist. My hope is to create something worthy of a simple moment, to reflect and enjoy the all too familiar comforts of our emotional state.

Eric Siebenthal  


Attend Art In Bloom in a few weeks to see what I have in mind for this awesome painting!! Hope to see you there!